This was a great seminar, I found the information very valuable, and really appreciated all the work Ken did finding the perfect examples, now I am really looking forward to going out and doing some shooting using the techniques learned - thanks Ken!! - Isabella

It was amazing and educational!- Rosza

It was a good awakening time to know how one piece of a great photography is created by the photographer's efforts , creative energy ,passion and all elements. I am looking forward to photo hike to practice . thanks Ken. - Serena

Ken knows what he's talking about! Was awesome to try to learn a bit from him. up next: Field Practice! :) - Nathalie

This was a great seminar. Ken really had some great tips, grad I took a notebook. I love the passion Ken has for photography, I love that he makes it seems so simple and yet so beautiful. I loved looking at the photos to see why the photo works, really opened my eyes. - Tifni

Five Stars! Excellent and informative Seminar - learned a lot about composition and some basic camera settings that I'm anxious to try. Thank you Ken. - Sarah

KEN.......  Thank you for a great photo.....  I may have to check my mirror  on occaision .. I didn't know I was this photogenic..
It was a nice event and as I mentioned CANADIANS are some pretty nice folks..
Dear friends......there I was at the Calgary Stampede
just watching Wareings Shires to see what they might need.
They had loaned me a push broom so I could be part of the crew,
My job was to sweep the ilse whenever they got through.
As I sat there on the kings bench, a photographer stopped by.
He  asked to take a picture, He could have taken one on the sly.
 So this is the result .........  he said I didn't need to pose,
It sure made me feel better that I didn't need to take off cloths.
Perhaps this photo will be famous , and hang in someones home,
Or perhaps just be a "FLASH" in the pan, sorta like this poem......
DELL M. MANGUM   July 12, 2011 @ 07:35

The World Explorers Thank you Ken we like to hear your comments. We are still learning from you. Everyday we think about what Ken said;)